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Yes, on occasion we travel across the U.S. (yes even Hawaii, on request we'll show you photographs) all travel expenses to be paid first.

Cedar Roofs We have been doing cedar roofs for just over 10 years. We don't do quite as many because usually the homeowner  has waited to long and there is nothing we can do but advise them to replace the roof. We turn down two out of three cedar roof jobs because they are in such bad shape.

Consulting I have started teaching my cedar cleaning business again to a limited number of people. If interested contact me at
deckcleaningguy@gmail.com. No, I am not taking any more speaking engagements at this time. I started doing audio teleseminars (on the
phone) for paint companies so I do not have to travel as much. If interested contact me at the above e-mail address.

Articles, Yes, I'm still writing articles (for various magazines) and you can use them if I am given credit. If you would like me to supply
or write articles for your publication contact me at deckcleaningguy@gmail.com

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